Can a libertine believe in God?

The answer is YES!  But, he or she does NOT have to!

So, why would you go against the flow in regards to government or religion? 

The Libertine Caucus exists for libertines with Libertarian political views.  The mission of this caucus is to promote liberty and theorize on new and useful ways to express liberty.  The members of this Caucus believe that liberty is paramount to a libertine way of life.  That means this Caucus can sometimes be against government and religion.  But, that does NOT mean it is always against government and religion.  Please remember government and religion are organizations filled with people and, therefore, they can make mistakes.  When those mistakes affect liberty, our Caucus will stand against it!  As libertines, we don’t want our lifestyle altered by other men simply because they have a claim to power.

What do you mean by promote and express liberty?

Promoting things like the Bill of Rights and expressing ourselves as we, individually, see fit.