Why Obama vs. Trump is bad for individual liberty

Irregardless of who started this feud, Republicans and Democrats have been at each other’s throats since Obama was elected.  Essentially, premiere politicians of the old guard are butting heads.  And, unfortunately, Republicans and Democrats are okay with spurring this on.

So why is this bad for liberty?

This is bad for liberty because partisan politics is jading open-minded and free-thinking individuals in this country.  It is also pushing the economy to pick either right-wing or left-wing ideologies.  More and more, the private sector and individuals, in the United States, are having to decide whether they are pro or anti Trump.  Those who are anti-Trump are being labeled things like Antifa.  Those who are pro-Trump are being labeled things like racist.  Unfortunately, these labels will hang as long as the old guard political parties are okay with throwing around tribal levels of resistance to each other!  Spelling out doom for the private sector and individuals interested in open-minded, American innovation!

This is also bad for liberty because both sides are okay with utilizing violence.  The extreme right has had violent rallies for white supremacy rights and the extreme left has been violently protesting the Trump Administration since the beginning of Trump’s term.  If something doesn’t change, we could soon live in a country where Republicans only live in an area where Republicans govern and Democrats only live in an area where Democrats govern.  What then?!

What do you foresee?

It’s hard to determine what will happen but it looks very authoritarian and partisan for the liberty-minded.  After all, the government is almost exclusively filled with Democrats and Republicans.  It is only a matter of time before they put the full weight of their power on each other.  As Trump is very popular among Republicans and Obama is very popular among Democrats.  Worse yet, what happens if Democrats and Republicans go straight down the line with tit-for-tat impeachment proceedings and lawsuits?!?  Something that could soon become a reality!

Why do you care?

When power squares off everyone suffers from the consequences.  Worse yet, both political parties will contend for absolute power over the other as time goes on.  If third party candidates – and those not interested in partisan politics – do not get involved with government soon partisan politics could soon become authoritarian laws of the victorious party!